“The Latest From the Feminist Front” By: Rush Limbaugh

I am arguing against Rush Limbaugh’s belief that feminism and feminist leaders are anti-male and that their sole purpose is to misconstrue men’s advances as harassment, thus making it more difficult for men to pursue and court women.  Since the definition of feminism pertains to advocating for women’s rights in an effort to gain equality among the sexes, I strongly disagree with Limbaugh’s belief of their motives.  Even though Limbaugh uses one example towards the end, the large amount of his personal opinions on the topic does not do much to help solidify his argument.

Limbaugh starts off the essay by stating that his opinion on feminism is one of the most controversial topics of his “Thirty-Five Undeniable Truths of Life.”  He goes on to mention that his opinion is the truth and that the truth must be heard, despite the amount of backlash it received.  He then creates his own definition of modern feminism and their leaders, and then he gives a few examples of how modern feminism is going to lead to “several serious problems,” such as men becoming afraid of making advances.  Afterwards, he explains how feminists are trying to “blur the distinctions” between rape and other seemingly harmless behaviors and depart from the age-old tradition of courting.  Then, he illustrates how feminism is creating a conflicting relationship between men and women rather than a healthy one.  Finally, he rounds out the essay by giving a real life example of how feminism is hurting rather than helping, and questions Monique Long’s course of action when she accused two of her co-workers of sexual harassment.

While reading the essay, I ran across many statements that I questioned, but only one seemed to stick out in particular.  During the essay, Limbaugh accuses feminists of wanting to criminalize courting and asks, ” Would these women prefer men as husbands, or leaders of marauding gangs? That is basically the choice.”  I believe that this is an either-or fallacy since Limbaugh only gives two options of what men can decide to be when there are very many options that lie in between.  I also feel as though Limbaugh is actually insulting men here since he seems to be saying that men are unable to control their “normal masculinity and aggressive nature.”  He claims that taking away dating would give men no other outlet to display their masculinity, so they must turn to gangs as their last hope, which is simply not true.

A man and woman with an equal sign connecting them, depicting equality among them.

One thought on ““The Latest From the Feminist Front” By: Rush Limbaugh

  1. A wonderful first sentence–gets to the point and states it clearly. Limbaugh doesn’t only use his opinions throughout his essay–at the end he tells of Fred Savage’s experience.
    Period or comma goes inside quotation mark.
    In this post, you bring up good, solid points. Your last paragraph is very insightful.


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