Intangibles I Take on the Journey

The first thing I placed into my backpack is my family.  My family is very close-knit, so I don’t know what I would be doing today if I didn’t have their support.  I wouldn’t have had the courage to change my major and pursue the career that I love if it weren’t for the long hours my parents spent with me talking about my options.  I will always be grateful for the patience they have shown me since I can be a an extremely stubborn person at times.  My siblings and I are close as well, and I hope we remain close as we continue our separate ways through life.  I’ve lived with my twin sister my entire life, and she’s my best friend, so it’s comforting knowing that there is always going to be someone I can talk too when times get rough.  The second item in my backpack is my faith.  I have been religious my entire life, and I find that my faith helps me to remain calm and not stress out too much.  It also helps me to relax when my life gets a little hectic.  My faith will definitely continue to be a large influence in my life, no matter where my life leads me.  Soccer is the next item that I would bring with me on a journey.  I have played soccer for about 16 years, so it is a huge part of my life.  Soccer has taught me some very important skills, such as leadership, teamwork, and confidence, that will be useful in all aspects of life.  Soccer has also taught me the importance of exercise as a way to stay healthy, as well as a way to relieve anger and stress.  Soccer has a way of making me forget about everything for a few hours, which makes it very relaxing and fun.  My dog Dozer represents my love for animals.  I’ve always loved animals and have been interested in them and the way they live, but it wasn’t until last semester that I decided to switch my major to Animal Science.  Once I made the switch, I realized that I wanted to work with animals, in some way or another, as my career.  I’m not sure yet what I want to do, but I know it’s going to be heavily influenced by animals, whether it’s research or hands-on care.  The final item in my backpack is something I gained from this English 2000 class.  With all of the research I have done throughout the semester for the various essays, I have found that I have become much more open-minded.  I used to be very one-sided in my arguments and thought that there was either a right or a wrong to every situation.  Now, I know that there is a ton of gray area in the world that I’m finally starting to acknowledge.  Having an open mind is definitely something I will need on the journey through my life.

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 10.52.42 PM
Intangibles in my backpack for my journey.  

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